Los Angeles Child Support Lawyer
Child support is a legal creation that is designed to protect children by ensuring that their custodial parent has the means necessary to raise them. A custodial parent is the parent who retains primary physical custody of the child. In most cases, if the custodial parent does not have the same means as the non-custodial parent, the non-custodial parent will pay a weekly amount to the custodial parent to compensate for the care of the child.

In Cases of Divorce or Unmarried Ex-Partners
Child support is often determined as a part of a divorce agreement or divorce judgment. However, child support can also be ordered paid by individuals who were never married. If you are seeking child support from an ex-spouse or former partner, you need an attorney throughout the process to ensure that any amount you get from the other parent will be paid timely and will be sufficient to help you compensate for the raising of your child. If you are the parent who child support is being sought from, you will also need an attorney to ensure that the amount is fair and equitable and that you are also allowed adequate visitation with the child. In either case, the experienced child support attorneys at Saxton Family Law can help you with your case.

Considerations in Child Support Cases
Determining whether child support will be paid and the amount that will be paid is based on a number of factors, which may or may not apply in your case. As attorneys, it is our job to utilize these factors to help you ensure that the child support amount is favorable to you. Some factors include:
• Income of each parent.
• Cost of family residence where the child will be raised.
• Cost of health care and health insurance for the child.
• Amount of time agreed to be spent with each parent.
• Other expenses related to raising the child.
• Number of children and their ages.
• Other special factors, including disability of the child or chronic illness.
Using these factors, our Los Angeles child support lawyer can ensure that any child support agreement o award is fair to all parties involved, and does not financially burden you unreasonable (either by being an unreasonably high amount of child support that you have to pay or an unreasonably low amount that leaves you responsible for the entire burden of child-rearing expenses.)

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