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We all know the emotional and financial toll that the dissolution of a marriage can take on a family. In recent years, many couples have been choosing divorce mediation as a means of lessening the confrontation and stress that can come from lengthy divorce litigation. Mediation is not for all couples, and if you think that you and your spouse might be interested in mediating your divorce, you should speak with one of the experienced family lawyers at Saxton Family Law about whether or not mediation could be right for you. Our attorneys will consult with you and your spouse to discuss the facts of your situation and advise you as to whether divorce mediation is a good option for you.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation
There are two primary benefits of divorce mediation as opposed to traditional divorce litigation. They are financial benefits and emotional benefits. Mediation can be a good financial solution for families because it will save them the cost of length litigation in court. Sometimes, mediation can be for a flat-fee, which will help your family budget for the cost of the divorce process. Mediation will prevent one spouse from willingly dragging out a court battle in an effort to make the other spouse run out of money.

Divorce mediation also has great emotional benefits. This process is far less damaging to children, and by having the parents negotiate together to decide on a divorce settlement, the couple will save the stress, anger, and heartbreak that often come from adversarial litigation.

Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?
Divorce mediation isn’t for everyone. In order to have an effective divorce mediation, the parties need to get along reasonably well. They need to be able to communicate with each other and be present in the same room together for the mediation.
They also need to be open and honest with each other about their financial disclosures.
They will need to come to the table with a willingness to reach a fair agreement, and not a scorched-earth policy. And lastly, they will need to have a divorce that will be free of extremely complex legal issues. For example, if a couple comes to a mediation with a poorly-drafted prenuptial agreement that one party believes to be enforceable and the other party does not, it will be difficult to mediate this dispute.
The enforceability of contract would need to be decided on by a judge in order for the divorce case to resume.

Call Saxton Family Law To Inquire About Making Your Divorce Less Acrimonious
At Saxton Family Law, we understand that divorce can be a very difficult time. It can be harmful to children and devastating to both spouses involved. Sometimes, mediation is a solution that can help you move on with your life and minimize the emotional and financial damage that divorce can have. Mediation isn’t for all couples, and to find out if it could work for you, please call our Los Angeles Divorce Mediation Attorneys today.