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At The Law Offices of Anne Dowden Saxton our attorneys focus their practice on family law and the legal issues that arise in divorce, parenting, marriage, and separation. Our compassionate and skilled family law attorneys know how to handle the delicate and frustrating issues that arise out of family disputes. In issues with family law, we understand that there are many emotions involved and that the situations can be uniquely stressful to the individuals involved and their entire family. If you are in need of a family law attorney, remember that you only have one opportunity to go before the court and the issues at hand can affect you for the rest of your life. Hire experienced and qualified attorneys to represent you in your claim. Call Saxton Family Law today to schedule a consultation.

California Family Law and The California Courts
Family law is an area of the law that is within the purview of each individual state. Because of this, every state has different and unique laws that apply to family law issues. The state of California is often used as an example because their family law is unique and in the minority of state in the US. California utilizes the principle of community property to divide property in marital disputes, which means that any income or assets acquired during the marriage are split in half between the parties. If you are facing divorce in California, you need an attorney who is experienced in this area of law. Not just any attorney will do. Call The Law Offices of Anne Dowden Saxton to speak with one of our Los Angeles family lawyers about the facts of your case to get a detailed analysis of your legal options.

Types of Family Law Cases Handled by Our Office
Our Los Angeles family law firm can handle many different types of family law disputes. When most people think of family law, they imagine a contentious divorce in court. But this is not the only service a family law attorney can provide. We can also help you with preventative legal measures, contracts to protect you and your assets in the event of divorce, or can help non-married couples with custody issues. Some of the common types of claims we help with include:

  • Divorce: from initial separation to negotiation to trial, our attorneys can help you through the divorce process so that you can move forward after the breakup of your marriage.
  • Child support and custody: Issues of payment, amountedia, and length of child support as well as custody and visitation require experienced attorneys.
  • Prenups and Postnups: If you wish to draft a contract to protect your assets before or during your marriage, our attorneys can assist you in protecting your rights.
  • Mediation: Sometimes disputes can be settled out of court, either through negotiation or mediation. In situations where the parties are reasonably in agreement, this can be an option that will minimize stress to all individuals involved.
  • Other: Visitation rights for non-parents or unmarried parents, adoption issues, domestic partnerships, and many other issues can also be handled by our attorneys.
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