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No one wants to imagine a time when their marriage is no longer working. However, we cannot predict the future, and sometimes relationships end and the spouses find themselves seeking a divorce. Many Californians consider prenuptial agreements a necessity prior to getting married. California divorce law is unique, because it applies “community property” principles to any divorce, meaning that the spouses will split all assets that were attained during the marriage between them equally, regardless of who earned the money or developed the asset. For many couples, a prenuptial agreement is crucial because they wish to keep certain assets as separate and individual assets outside of the marital estate.

Ways Our Firm Can Help You With Prenuptial Agreements
At The Law Offices of Anne Dowden Saxton, we help many Californians with their family law issues, including prenuptial agreements. If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, you need to understand that it is a legally binding contract that will have a great deal of impact on your finances and your family life should it ever need to be enforced. There are several ways that our attorneys can help you with your Los Angeles prenuptial agreement:

Drafting: Just because something is written in a contract does not necessarily mean that it will be enforceable by a court. In issues of family law, the courts can be particular about what aspects of a contract they will hold up and which ones they will not. Make sure your attorney drafts one that will withstand judicial scrutiny.
Reviewing: If your spouse has had a prenup drawn up, make sure you have your own lawyer to review the terms and explain the contract to you. It is your right.

Issues that Can Be Covered by Prenuptial Agreements
The bulk of topics in prenuptial agreements concern financial issues. Some couples elect to designate lump-sum settlements for the amount of years married. Others utilize prenups to protect certain assets from being part of the marital estate. For example, if one spouse is the founder of their own company that the other spouse does not take part in, they may wish to keep the interests in that company out of the marital estate. Otherwise, the other spouse will be entitled to one half of the interest in the company, or some equivalent through the divorce proceedings. Courts generally will not enforce prenuptial agreements that provide for the custody of children. These issues involving minor children need to be resolved on a case-by-case basis during the divorce. However, spouses can elect to differentiate the financial matters in the prenuptial agreement to account for whether there are children and how many children there are.

Hire An Attorney Today
If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, each spouse needs to have their own dedicated attorney. You need a lawyer who will protect your interests and ensure that there is no language in the contract that will become troublesome for you if the time comes when it needs to be enforced. At The Law Offices of Anne Dowden Saxton, our attorneys understand the complexities of California family law and divorce law, and we will utilize our expertise to ensure that you are protected throughout the entire prenuptial process. Call today to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced Los Angeles family lawyers.