Los Angeles Lawyers for Domestic Partners in California Lawyer Los Angeles
California law allows for the creation of domestic partnerships. Whether you are a same-sex couple or not, you have the option of entering into a domestic partnership, which avails you of many of the benefits and legal protections of marriage. Many same-sex couples choose to enter into a domestic partnership to protect themselves while the courts determine whether marriage will be available to them in the State of California. Domestic partnerships require that you have an attorney to draft your partnership agreement and advise you as to the legal implications of these agreements.

Special Legal Issues with Domestic Partnerships
When you create a domestic partnership, you are entering into a legal relationship similar to marriage. However, with domestic partnerships, it is important to review with an attorney what your partnership covers and what it does not. In order to fully protect yourselves and fully join legally with your partner, you may need to execute additional documents, such as living wills, trusts, and real estate ownership documents. Furthermore, in situations where there are children, you will want to ensure that the legal guardianship of the children is the way you want it. You may need to initiate official adoption proceedings in order to ensure that you are both the legal parents of the child. Only an attorney can fully advise you of the protections (and the holes in protection) that come with a domestic partnership. Call our office today to discuss creating a domestic partnership.

Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership
If you have already entered into a domestic partnership and you wish to dissolve it, you also need to consult with an attorney. These types of cases are often special and cannot be handled by a normal divorce attorney. You need a lawyer who is experienced in the unique laws that apply to domestic partnerships. At Saxton Family Law, our attorneys focus their practice on all areas of family law, including the areas that are complex and less common. Domestic partnerships in California and the dissolution of those partnerships can be very complicated. When you hire a Los Angeles domestic partnership attorney from Saxton Family Law, you know that you will be getting top-notch representation from skilled and qualified lawyers who will look out for your best interests. In many dissolution of domestic partnership cases, one or both of the parties will be mistaken as to how the case will proceed and what rights they have under their partnership. Our Los Angeles family lawyers can help.

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Whether you wish to enter into a domestic partnership or you are inquiring about the dissolution of one, you need an experienced attorney who understands California domestic partnership laws. At Saxton Family Law, we have dedicated our practice to helping Los Angeles families, including helping men and women legally support their relationship through a domestic partnership. Call our office today to speak with an attorney about the facts of your case and to determine if a domestic partnership is the right choice for you.