Los Angeles Visitation Rights Lawyer
At the Law Offices of Anne Saxton, we understand how important children are. When you become a parent, your goals and priorities shift to ensuring that your child is well cared-for and looking forward to a bright future. Spending time with your child is one of the great joys of being a parent, and when this is taken away from you by your former spouse or partner, it is a devastating loss. Fortunately, there are laws in place that protect parents and their rights to spend time with their children. In order to enforce these laws in your case, you will need skilled legal representation. Call the Law Offices of Anne Saxton today at (310) 746-5766 for a free consultation with our experienced Los Angeles visitation rights lawyer.

The Right to Visitation for a Non-Custodial Parent
In divorce, child custody is often decided as part of the divorce agreement or court order. The parent who has primary custody of minor children is known as the “custodial parent,” while the other parent is the “non-custodial parent.” The non-custodial parent will have visitation rights to see their child, and in many situations, the custodial parent will infringe upon those rights out of spite or anger. When your ex-spouse is interfering with your right to see your children, you have the ability to utilize the law to enforce your visitation rights. The Los Angeles visitation rights attorneys at Saxton Family Law will help you utilize the legal system to ensure that you are allowed to spend time with your children.

Visitation for Unmarried Parents and Other Relatives
In some situations, parents of a child or of multiple children were not married. Just because a couple wasn’t married does not mean that a parent has any less of a right to spend time with their child. If you are a biological or adoptive parent of a child, you have a right to spend time with that child unless a court has ruled otherwise. In addition, there are also some situations where a non-parent may have a right to visitation with a child. Grandparents, step-parents, and other family members can, under special circumstances, seek visitation privileges from the courts. If you are being deprived of your right to spend time with a child, speak to one of our Los Angeles visitation rights attorney today about enforcing your legal right to parent your child.

Call The Law Offices Of Saxton Today to Protect Your Right to Visit Your Child
Every parent has a legal and constitutional right to parent their children as they see fit. For many parents, however, this right is infringed upon in the most basic of ways: they are denied even the opportunity to spend time with their child. If this is the case for you, you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to fight to ensure that you get to see your child. Whether you are being denied visitation rights by an ex-spouse contrary to your divorce agreement, or you were never given the ability to parent your child in the first place, you still have every right to spend quality time with your child. At the Law Offices of Anne Saxton, we will see to it that this happens.